Mixmaster DJ Service has been providing entertainment in the Indiana PA and surrounding areas since 1988.  Click on the links below to learn more about the services we provide

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* Anniversary parties

* Birthday Parties
* Block Parties
* Charity Events
* Class Reunions
* Corporate Events
* Father / Daughter Dances
* Glow Parties

* New Years Eve Parties
* Private / Public Dances
* Senior Citizens Dances
* Sweet 16's

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* Formal Dances

* Glow - Black Light / UV Parties
* Graduation Parties

* Kids Parties
* Proms

* School Dances - Elementary, Jr. High & Sr. High
* Sweet 16's

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* Glow - Black / UV Parties

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* Bingo but with music instead of numbers

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* Holiday / Christmas Parties

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* Wedding Ceremonies
* Wedding Receptions

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Mission Statement

- Do you have a mission statement?
A - Our goal is to create a lasting memory that you and your guests will remember for years to come.  We also want to make your event as enjoyable and worry free as possible

Experience / DJ / Credentials
Q - What type of events does Mixmaster DJ Service perform and how many events do you do in a typical year?
A - Mike Miller of Mixmaster DJ Service performs between 60-80 events per year.  Mixmaster DJ Service was founded in 1988 by Mike Miller and since have provided entertainment for 1,000's of events

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Q - When I hire a DJ from Mixmaster DJ Service who do I get?
A - Mixmaster DJ Service has several DJ's who help make up our staff, who could provide entertainment for your celebration.  When contacting us we will inform you who will be your DJ.  You can request your favorite DJ and we put in writing in the contract who will provide you the entertainment.  Please remember our staff must be trained extensively before providing entertainment for solo jobs

Q - Do you have references?
- Through the years we have collected an enormous amount of evaluations from many past happy clients who have used our service.  We have posted many of their comments on our testimonial page for your inspection.

Planning For Your Special Event
Q - Will you help us plan for our event?
A - Yes, Mixmaster DJ Service are experts in party planning and will aid you in anyway possible to make your event a memory that will last a lifetime

DJ / Emcee Activities Director
Q - Are you an interactive DJ?
A - Yes not only do we play the music you want, we also interact with the crowd.  The level of interaction is determined by the contracting party

Q - If needed, do you co-ordinate the event, be the emcee as well as the DJ?
A - Yes, quite often it is up to the DJ to keep things moving during the celebration.  We will work with all who are involved in the planning of the event to make sure that the event is a success

Q - Do you take requests?
A - Yes during the event we will be happy to play any requests that have been forwarded to us as well as take requests at the event.  Of course if we feel that the request is inappropriate or it will lesson the enjoyment from the majority of the guests we will act on our better judgment.  We also take into consideration songs you do not want played.

Below are a couple guidelines set forth by Mixmaster DJ Service when taking requests
1.  Songs must be clean in lyrics
2.   Songs must be recognizable by the majority of the guests
3.  Songs must be danceable in format

Q - What type of music do you play at a typical event?
A - Depending on the type of event determines the type of  music that we play.  If it is a school dance formatted event we probably will be playing a lot of top 40 music along with a few classic party tracks.  The music played at your celebration is usually determined by the type of guests that are in attendance and their taste of music.  Mixmaster DJ Service carries 1,000's of songs ranging from the 40's through the hits of today to ensure that the right music is played at your event.

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Games / Skits
Q - Can you provide any interactive games or skits at our party?
A - Yes Mixmaster DJ Service has created several games and skits that we could incorporate at your party.  Games and skits are all designed to enhance your party with individual or group participation.  You can decide which games you would like us to provide at your party or let Mixmaster DJ Service determine and use it's best judgment. All games and skits are provided at no extra cost.

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Q - Do you offer any options / Upgrades?
A - Yes Mixmaster DJ Services offers several options / upgrades.  Options include: Media Coverage - Uplighting - Monogram / Video Projector - Glow - Blacklight / UV Parties 

Some of our options / upgrades are included at no additional charge.  Contact Mixmaster DJ Service for more details

Q - Do many clients use the options listed above?
A - Yes the Media Coverage has been extremely popular. Our party kits always add energy to any event and the uplighting and monograms really enhance the decor at your celebration.

Q - Do you use professional equipment?
A - Yes Mixmaster DJ Service uses only top grade professional sound and light systems

Q - Do you have a wireless microphone?
A  - Yes this comes in handy for any speeches and or presentations

Q - Do you carry backup equipment?
A - It is very unusual for any professional equipment to malfunction.  In the case of the "very unusual" Mixmaster DJ Service does carry backup equipment

Q - What requirements do you require for setup?
A - We require 1 table (6ft or 8ft in length) to be located within 10 feet from a dedicated electrical outlet. If the event is held outside, we also require shelter (tent etc) from the outdoor elements

Q - Do you have a list of other professionals in the business?
A - Mixmaster DJ Service has put together a list of some area businesses with their business names, phone numbers and webistes to help aid you in finding the right person / business for the right job.

Rates / Bookings
Q - How much do you charge?
A - All rates vary based on type of event, location, date and time needed.  Although our rates are reasonable I will save you a lot of time if you are "price shopping" and have decided to book a DJ based solely on price.  While Mixmaster DJ Service (and many other satisfied clients) feel that our services represent an excellent value we do not compete on price but instead compete on quality.  If you truly want an experienced DJ, one who will help co-ordinate the event, an interactive DJ who will not only DJ your event but will also be the emcee, a person committed to helping you plan your event, one who has professional grade sound and light systems, and one who has an extensive music library, and one who has a goal to make your event a memory that will last a lifetime, then give us a call today!

Q - Do you give discounts to charities?
A - Mixmaster DJ Service does give discounts for charities.  Please give us a call to see if your charity qualifies for our discount program

Contacting Mixmaster DJ Service
Q - How can we contact Mixmaster DJ Service?
A - There are three ways to contact us

1.  By filling out our our Request info page
2.  Call Mixmaster DJ Service - 724-599-8843
3.  Fill out our Contact Page


Let Mixmaster DJ Service provide with entertainment.  We provide top notch sound and light systems along with great music including the hits of today and party classics


Below is a list of many schools Mixmaster DJ Service has provided entertainment for in the past

* Armstrong Highh School
* Blairsville Elementary / Middle School
* Elderton Elementary School
* Homer Center Elementary / High School
* Indiana Area Elementary Schools
*  Indiana Jr / Sr. High School
* IUP - Indiana PA
* IUP - Punsutawney PA
* IUP Organizations included sororities and fraternities
* Kiski School
* Marion Center Elementary / High School
* Purchase Line Elementary / High School
* Punxsutawney High School
* Saltsburg High School
* St Bernard's School
* United Elementary School
*  West Shamokin Middle / High School

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Lucky 7's Game


Again the possibilities are endless when it comes to your next corporate party.  Along with great music we also put together an event full of games and interaction (if desired) to help make your next party an event that your guests will  remember for years to come

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My boss the Christmas tree

Stuffing The Stocking

Mixmaster DJ Service has created some unique holiday games and skits to add to your party to make your event even more festive.  Whether you want just great music or if you wish to add some of our special interactive games and skits we can create your event a memory that your guests will remember for years to come

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Contact us today for more information on how to make your event a memory that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

There are 3 easy ways to contact Mixmaster DJ Services

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Telephone Mike Miller of Mixmaster DJ Services - 724-599-8843

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