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* All emcee activities and coordination throughout your festivity
* Music library of 1,000's of radio edit songs spanning from the 40's through the hits of today
* FREE games and skits from the list below (if desired)
* Properly dressed for your occasion
* Professional Sound & Light Shows
* Wireless microphone system (great for presentations and speeches)
* Much Much More

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You may choose to add any of the following options to your festivity

* Media Coverage
* Hitmix Music Bingo
* Party Kits
* Uplighting
* Monogram
* Video projector for any video presentations

Media coverage is included in all packages.  Call for pricing on all of our other options


* Choose any or all of the games or skits from our list below to add to your party
* Remember all games and skits must be determined prior to event date
* Add party kits to your party
  Golden Star Game

Object - Each guest receives one gold star as they arrive at party.  Mixmaster DJ Service we ask everyone to participate.  The object is to have each guest try obtain as many gold stars throughout the party as possible.  The winner is determined later in the party to the guest who has collected the most golden stars

There are three ways to obtain a gold star throughout the party

1.  Words - There will be three forbidden words guests cannot use at the party (such as the date or a person's name etc.).  If a guest uses one of the forbidden words and another guests hears them using one of the forbidden words they must surrounded one of their gold star to the person who caught the guest saying one of the words

2. By participating in games and also more stars awarded to the winners of the games

3. We randomly ask for unique items (such as a $2 bill)

Note - This game is great for parties under 100 guests
Door Prizes / Centerpiece Giveaway

If you have prizes or centerpieces to give away we have two fun ways to give them away.

1.  Pass the dollar bill skit
2.  52 Card giveaway

 - Centerpiece Giveaway Skit - Pass the dollar bill
Jukebox Eliminator

Object - To be the last one eliminated.  Colored hula hoops are placed in a circle on the dance floor.  Contestants step from hula hoop to hula hoop while music is being played.  Every few seconds the song stops and another song comes on describing a color (like Yellow Submarine).  If you are standing in the hula hoop with the color that the song describes you are eliminated.  The last one not eliminated is the winner.

 - Jukebox Eliminator Game
  Rock Star Karaoke Gold ribbon award for most popular / crowd favorite game

Object - Teams are provided with props and music to a song.  Each team is given a chance to be the "rock stars" and perform to the audience.  Winner is determined by a panel of judges who are given numbered signs for score ratings

- Rock Star Karaoke
  Stuff it

Object - Two teams are assembled with one person in each team to wear the jumbo red suit.  The object is for the other team members to "stuff" as many balloons in the red suit as possible in a short period of time.  Beware there is a funny twist to this game at the end.

 - Stuff It Game
Musical Chairs / Scavenger Hunt

This is a twist to the classic game "musical chairs"

Object - There is no limit to the number of contestants for this game.  Chairs are placed in a row on the dance floor.  The object is when a item is called out load, contestants are to go into the audience find the item then return to find a chair.  Of course each round chairs are eliminated and the winner is determined by the last contestant remaining

Music Chairs / Scavenger Hunt Dress Up - Variation is items called our are items guests wear (such as a tie etc.)

- Musical Chair Scavenger Hunt
  Him / Her Game

Object - Couples are placed with their backs to each other and given a "her" and a "him" sign.  Contestants area asked a series of rapid fire questions regarding different topics including habits, choirs and the relationship.  The couple that scores the most points by both answering the questions the same is the winner.  This is a great game for a few good laughs
    Name That Tune

Object - To have two teams compete against each other guessing short instrumental audio clips from various songs.

Object - To assemble as many teams as possible.  Each team is given a random "category".  The object is for each team to go out into the audience and find items in the room that best describe their category in a short period of time.  After each team has selected their items, a show and tell is conducted to the audience.  The winner is determined by the team who gets the loudest applause from the audience
  Lucky 7's Game

Object - First we gather as many teams as possible but each team must have exactly 7 members (that's how we got the name lucky 7's game).  Each team is provided with sheets of paper with each sheet containing a number between 1-7 (for example the first sheet has a number 1 and the second with a number 2) The object is that a series of scrambled numbers are called out load.  The first team that gets in order to the series of scrambled numbers called wins the round.  (for example a series could be: 5124637). There are 5 rounds and the team who wins the most rounds wins the game.  Be aware there is a surprising twist to this game at the end.

- Lucky 7's Game
Twist / Dance Contests

Object - Guests or teams compete to find out who the best dancers are the Chubby Checker's "The Twist"
  Hula Hoop Contests

There are two versions to this classic game

1.  To find out who can hula hoop the longest

2.  This version is a contest using hula hoops as a relay race
    Name That Movie

Object - To have two teams compete against each other guessing famous short audio clips from movies
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